Meta Quest is a VR game that has been designed to be played without controllers

 Users of Meta Quest may now swipe and tap in VR without using controllers.

We are happy to inform that users of Meta Quest can now tap and swipe in VR without using controllers! As a result, you may now interact with the virtual environment more naturally by using your hands.

Simply put on your Meta Quest headset and choose the “Tap and Swipe” option from the menu to use this new function. The virtual world can then be navigated using your hands to tap and swipe. Both the Meta Quest 1 and Meta Quest 2 headsets support this new capability.

We think that this new feature will give our users a more realistic and engaging VR experience. We are eager to see how you employ it

-The most recent update now supports hand tracking.

Users may now tap and swipe in VR without controllers thanks to the latest update’s support for hand tracking. For individuals who prefer to connect with their virtual environment with their hands, this is a fantastic addition. In addition, the update contains a number of other enhancements and bug fixes.

– The VR game Meta Quest is made to be played without controllers.

A VR game called Meta Quest is made to be played without controllers. Users can now interact with the game in VR without using controls by tapping and swiping. It eliminates the need for controllers and allows players to engage with the game using their hands, which is a significant advancement for VR gaming. Due to its greater accessibility and user-friendliness, this is a fantastic way to introduce people to VR gaming.

– The new update improves accessibility for individuals without controllers.

Users may now tap and swipe in virtual reality without using controls thanks to a recent upgrade to Meta Quest VR. As a result, folks without controllers can still play the game and enjoy the complete immersion. This increases the game’s accessibility.

– The update also adds support for hand tracking, which enables players to use their hands to interact with the game.

An update for Oculus Quest that supports hand tracking has begun to be distributed today. As a result, users are no longer need to use controllers to engage with the virtual world; they may do so using just their hands.

This update expands the range of possible interactions that users can have with Quest and other VR devices. You may now, for instance, pick up objects, gesture at other people, and even play some games without a controller.

One of hand tracking’s main benefits is that it makes VR accessible to a much larger audience. Now, those who might not feel at ease using a controller can test out VR to see whether it’s right for them. It’s also a more cheap approach to enter the world of virtual reality because there are no controllers to misplace or break.

We’re interested to see how Quest’s devs will include hand tracking. A few games and applications have already been upgraded to make use of this new functionality. And we have no doubt that there will be a lot more.

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